Hi, and welcome to the second installment of the Straight Aim’s Ethiopian diary!! The sun is shining and the weekend is here….

Following on from the first diary entry the remainder of the week has been as wonderful as the beginning! On Wednesday I spent the morning in the grade school with a very lively grade one class teaching all about the letters ck and miming words that contained these letters. It was all going fabulously well until I demonstrated the work ‘kick’, which was followed by one of the children swiftly kicking a table leg with brute force and then collapsing in tears.  Thankfully after a quick smile and hug normality was resumed.  I then spent the afternoon in kindergarten reading a book called Pirate Boy, and learnt that I have some serious work to do on my parrot imitation! The children seemed to enjoy it though and spent the remainder of the lesson drawing some very impressive pictures of pirate islands.  Thursday then arrived and upon arriving at the grade school was informed that the grade four teacher was unfortunately off and would I be ok working with his class for the morning, to which I enthusiastically said yes! I then headed straight over to the classroom and received a lovely warm welcome from the class. Following a very fun circle time (a kind or registration time when a game is also played) everyone then sat down at their desks to begin class.  However, upon checking the plan for the day panic started to creep in as I established that the first two classes were Amharic language and maths (which would have been fine in English, but nope it was in Amharic).  After a quick deliberation I decided that we would skip straight to the third lesson and do phonetics followed by English grammar. The rest of the morning then flew by and soon it was time for lunch and a quick break. The afternoon classes began with some games and then we came to the final lesson which was P.E. Although not another one of my strengths we all ended up having a very lively and dusty game of football!! Friday was somewhat more relaxed with the morning spent assisting in kindergarten and the afternoon in grade 2.

Now the weekend has arrived, and its lunchtime in Nazareth! Thanks for reading and check back for more next week…….

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