Alisha Bryan’s NVQ in Professional Cookery Level 2 has led unexpectedly to fame, or at least to an interview on Brookwood TV.  Alisha, who is currently working for the Brookwood Partnership Ltd at University College School, was interviewed to give an idea of what an apprenticeship in professional cookery is actually like. The Brookwood partnership runs an online channel within the company, known as Brookwood TV, giving employees a chance to find out how the rest of the company is running as well as finding out what’s new.

Alisha has been on programme for several months now and is making great progress within the company. She has aspirations of one day being head chef of her own restaurant, but appreciates that she has a long path ahead of her and a great deal to learn. Working at the UCS as Alisha’s assessor, I have become increasingly aware of how quickly Alisha is picking up culinary skills and her popularity within the team. She has told me that she “loves working with the team,” all of whom are very supportive to her.

With the end of Alisha’s NVQ on the not so distant horizon we have high hopes for her, and who knows, maybe we will be seeing more of her on television in the future. Step aside Gordon, look out Heston, beware Delia. Alisha Bryan may be stealing your slot some time soon.

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