NVQs have been around since the 1990s. They have provided an established and recognised measurement for vocational qualifications and formed an important part of the structure of Apprenticeships too. As we now move forwards into the 21st century the NVQ frameworks are being replaced by new standards. By 2020 all frameworks will be replaced by standards.

As of January 2018, the Government counted 220 new standards as approved for delivery with 24,600 Apprentices starting on standards rather than frameworks in the academic year 2016-2017.
The Institute for Apprenticeships describes NVQs as primarily qualification focused with the main aim being to achieve a competency based qualification. They highlight that a qualification can be achieved but there could be circumstances where no one is checking to see that an Apprentice can actually perform in a role. Standards are described as occupation focused. Learning happens throughout the term of the Apprenticeship and leads to an end point assessment. Standards are intended to enable employers to further support the required skills, knowledge and behaviours needed from their apprentices.

Here at Straight A Training we are maintaining our employer focus and currently delivering a mixture of frameworks and standards for our Apprentices. So as well as the established employer favourites, we now have the following standards to offer:

Commis Chef
Hospitality Team Member
Hospitality Supervisor
Senior Chef Production Cooking
Chef de Partie
Facilities Management Supervisor

Business Administrator
Customer Service Practitioner
Team Leader/Supervisor
Operations/Departmental Manager

We are currently developing further standards to suit employer needs and so please talk to us as the best route for you. As well as the new standards, we are still successfully running specialist Institute of Management qualifications through levels 2 and 3 and up to Levels 4 and 5.