The Apprentice AGE Grant for Employers is now available to companies who support Apprenticeships.
The AGE grant is aimed at helping eligible employers to offer young people employment through an Apprenticeship program and provides assistance when recruiting their first apprentice.
It is a one off £1,500 Government grant offered as an incentive to employ and train apprentices. The AGE Grant is available for employers of apprentices who are aged 16-24 at the start of their Apprenticeship and who have less than 50 employers.
Straight A will complete the paperwork when starting your Apprentice and then apply for the Grant on your behalf. Payment is processed by the Skills Funding Agency after the completion of 13 weeks on our program by the Apprentice.
AGE Grant Form Agreement include:
• The AGE Grant is limited to a maximum of five apprentices in a 12-month period and confirmation that your company would not have taken an Apprentice without this additional incentive.
Employer commit to employ the Apprentice for the full year that it takes to achieve the Apprenticeship Framework.
• Employers agree to pay the minimum wage of £2.73 per hour (Oct 2014) although we always encourage our employers to pay more to ensure they attract the best candidates.
For more information regarding the AGE Grant offered by the Government, please see: