Hi, and welcome to the online ‘diary’ of one team member straight from a slightly temperamental internet café in Nazareth, Ethiopia!!! Its official… the first Straight Aims voluntary teaching trip is underway thanks to all the great support that we have received over our first few months of existence.

So far I am six days into the trip and it is proving to be a wonderful experience. Granted, my first experience on Ethiopian soil was a guard shouting that the entire plane had walked the wrong way and that if we didn’t move quickly that we would all be deported back to where we cam from but hey ho!! After managing to make it out of the airport I met up with Dawit (who runs the school with his wife Steph) and after picking up the rest of the family we headed straight down the dusty road to Nazareth. The remainder of the week was spent meeting Azeb (Dawit’s lovely mother who I am staying with) and going to both the kindergarten and grade schools which are located in central Nazareth. The weekend was spent exploring the local area and on Sunday I ventured onto an Ethiopian mini bus which ended up getting stopped by the police and the driver nearly being arrested. He managed to avoid this however, by saying that the entire bus were friends of the ‘ferengi’ (white person – i.e. me) on board and that they were all taking me on a trip to the hot springs in Sodore! I then had to get out and personally thank the policemen for letting us all continue on our way – which was followed by the entire bus giggling at me for the remainder of the trip!!

The beginning of the week has been very busy getting to know all of the teachers and the classes. Living in Nazareth means getting up very early (basically when the hyenas stop wailing and the cockerels start crowing!) and everyone is normally at school by 8am. Today I spent the morning at Kindergarten where we learnt about the letter p and making finger puppets. I then moved onto the grade classes where in grade one we studied ‘Jack and Jill’ and then rather scarily I had to teach grade four about changing verbs from singular to plural and the different grammar rules associated with this. My experience of the children so far is that they are all wonderful and love coming to school. They love reading and want to practice their English continually, even when eating at break time which can result in a slightly spit blasted face!!

Thanks for reading and please check back soon for more updates and hopefully some pictures!!

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