In a report published by today, as the Olympic Games get closer, there will be a significant rise in the number of jobs available within hospitality. But will this growth be sustainable, and how will the skills gap be filled?

According to the managing director of Addecco, Steven Kirkpatrick, there will be thousands of job opportunities available in order to cope with the customer service demands of the Olympics. A number of these which will become permanent and sustainable. He highlighted that the positions will range from catering to media, hospitality, tourism, sport, leisure, and customer services. Further forecasting completed by People 1st has also supported this statement by predicting that the hospitality sector will grow by a further 10% by 2017.

So, how will the skills gap be filled? At present, 19% of vacancies within hospitality are proving hard to fill due to a shortage of skilled applicants. One of the most prevelent ideas to address the gap is through the use of apprenticeships. In a recent address to the House of Commons, People 1st chairman, David Fairhurst stated;

“Apprenticeships are the lifeblood of our dynamic, innovative and fast-growing sector, and People 1st working closely with sector employers is committed to raising the number of apprenticeships further to tackle the sector’s skills needs and gaps,”

Both the support and opportunity to get the benefit from apprenticeships is here, and now more than ever is the time to get ahead of the curve. If you would like more information on how apprenticeships could work for either you personally or as an organisation, please contact Straight A on

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