Working at Straight A training for a month has taught me a lot about the business, apprentices and tutors.
Straight A is involved in a huge number of diverse areas and sectors, with apprentices undertaking different courses in management, professional cookery, team leading and everything in between. I have been out to several workplaces with the tutors who all work tirelessly with their learners to get them through the course they are enrolled in. I have been to hotels, offices, studios, cafeterias to name a few, all over London and the south of England to help and observe learners and tutors.
I have been involved in starting new apprentices, on-going training and apprentices coming to the end of their course. This has given me an opportunity to see learners in all aspects of their education throughout the year and was frankly amazed at the constant level of drive and commitment in the learners. None of the learners have lost their initial excitement throughout the year and I think that this has a lot to do with the tutors. Sitting, observing and helping the learners I observed that they have formed real relationships with their learners. It’s not just a teacher student relationship, it’s more than that. There is mutual respect for one another and an understanding that they aren’t in normal education, they are working and are more mature because of it.
I have also worked in the office with the management and admin team and like the tutors, they don’t stop. The management team are always on the phone, e-mailing or just in general contact with the tutors or managers of different workplaces ensuring the learners are happy. The admin team are always working for everyone, they really do organise everything and act as a base for the tutors who can be all over the country, aiding in whatever way they can. They never have a quiet afternoon.
I have really enjoyed this first month at Straight A, as every day has been different and a new experience. Everyone I have worked with or alongside have never stopped and have given it their all and all have made me feel welcome immediately. I am looking forward to many more months of personal learning and exploring this company even more.