Media Apprenticeships


The media sector is primarily concerned with putting across communication, typically to large numbers of people. This can be via television, radio, social media, newspapers, and magazines to name a few methods. It can involve design, marketing and content creation and management, telecommunications, and journalism.

Why look for apprentices now?

Social media has seen exponential growth, particularly within the current COVID-19 pandemic, with many people using online platforms to meet and engage, both in business and socially. As well, shopping online and ‘influencing’ has seen dramatic growth, due to the fact we all need to do our best to remain safe and well.

An exciting addition to our programmes is the Digital Marketer Level 3 standard.

Within the media sector, Straight A has had great success supporting the Business Administrator Level 3 standard: with 80% of learners achieving Distinctions within their End Point Assessments. This standard provides a solid foundation for learners to understand the core value and culture of the business. It allows learners to work with employers to make recommendations for continuous improvement within policies, procedures, and practices.

The primary role of a digital marketer is to define, design, build and implement digital campaigns across a variety of online and social media platforms to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement, communication, and customer retention.  In a world which is currently predominately online; these are great skills to nurture. 

Apprenticeship Standards

We've worked closely with some of the UK's biggest and best hospitallty and catering provders since 1999

Business meeting online
12 month practical learning period
End Point Assessments include:

Some of the Amazing Hospitality brands we have worked with since 1999.

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