Choosing An Apprenticeship

As university fees increase, the competition for existing places getting higher and higher; more people are showing interest in undertaking apprenticeships as a viable option. This was the route I chose to take at the end of last year. I started a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with Straight A Training in November and in […]

My Lucky Encounter

Would you describe yourself as lucky?? This is a question I have thought long and hard about the last couple of weeks…… And if lucky means being surrounded by wonderful family and friends, having a boy that brings you soup when you’re poorly and working in a job that you actually enjoy 95% of the time […]

A Recipe for April Showers – Braised Rabbit

Now that Easter has been and gone and the shops are no longer full of chocolate egg-shaped treats, I would like to introduce you to a recipe and move away from the sweet-based confectionary that we all associate with the end of Lent. This recipe may be the one you would like to keep hidden […]

Top 5 Tips When Completing an Apprenticeship Application!

Do you want to become an apprentice? Try our top five tips to filling in an Apprenticeship vacancy form online to increase your chance of success! TIP ONE Complete the form in as much detail as possible. The more information that you put onto the form the more likely that your personality will show through […]

Apprenticeships; The Way Forwards? By Ania Kaluza

There has been much talk in the media about lack of opportunity being a cause of the recent rioting within England. It is said that many young people have taken to the streets because they have no prospects and see no future for themselves. This is not the place to enter into a complex sociological […]

The Journey of An Apprentice – by Vivien Stefansky

You may only know me as your Assessor or Account Manager, but I was actually been a learner of Straight A Training  5 years ago.  So let me tell you my story. When I first came to the UK in July 2005, I planned to stay here for 6 months, gaining some more English language […]

Hospitality Apprenticeships could achieve Gold in the Olympic Games

In a report published by today, as the Olympic Games get closer, there will be a significant rise in the number of jobs available within hospitality. But will this growth be sustainable, and how will the skills gap be filled? According to the managing director of Addecco, Steven Kirkpatrick, there will be thousands of job opportunities available in order to […]

Diary of Straight Aims in Nazareth

Hi, and welcome to the online ‘diary’ of one team member straight from a slightly temperamental internet café in Nazareth, Ethiopia!!! Its official… the first Straight Aims voluntary teaching trip is underway thanks to all the great support that we have received over our first few months of existence. So far I am six days […]