My Lucky Encounter

Would you describe yourself as lucky?? This is a question I have thought long and hard about the last couple of weeks…… And if lucky means being surrounded by wonderful family and friends, having a boy that brings you soup when you’re poorly and working in a job that you actually enjoy 95% of the time […]

An Ethiopian Diary – Entry Two

Hi, and welcome to the second installment of the Straight Aim’s Ethiopian diary!! The sun is shining and the weekend is here…. Following on from the first diary entry the remainder of the week has been as wonderful as the beginning! On Wednesday I spent the morning in the grade school with a very lively […]

Diary of Straight Aims in Nazareth

Hi, and welcome to the online ‘diary’ of one team member straight from a slightly temperamental internet café in Nazareth, Ethiopia!!! Its official… the first Straight Aims voluntary teaching trip is underway thanks to all the great support that we have received over our first few months of existence. So far I am six days […]

Straight Aims Biking Success

OK; when one of our team members suggested competing in a 30 mile off road bike ride for charity, I was one of the first to raise my hand…. This should be great fun I said…….! Our Charity; Straight Aims is looking at supporting members of our team to spend time teaching and developing students […]

Straight Aims Head For The Hills

The team at Straight Aims are about to embark on our first fundraising activity: On Saturday 11th of September we are going to be completing a gruelling 30mile off-road biking journey across the Chilterns!! The reason that we are putting ourselves through what is predicted to be both a physically challenging and exhausting journey is […]

Straight A Training Welcomes Straight Aims

Hi, and welcome to Straight Aims! Straight Aims is a charity which has been set up in partnership with Straight A Training to provide teaching resources and assistance to schools in developing countries. Every year we will be selecting one project to raise money for and also sending one committee member to the selected school […]