The preparations for this high profile awards ceremony at the Radisson Mayfair were just as exciting as the event itself. For the first time Straight A Training was given the opportunity to present an award for The Most Improved Learner. All Straight A Training Assessors working with Radisson Hotel Group were encouraged to nominate two of their most deserving candidates and then the debates began.

Since it is no secret, here is a list of the initial candidates:-

The elimination process was tough, taking into accounts statements by their managers and colleagues and after much contemplation the Straight A Training team agreed on 3 winners:-

As soon as the decision was made we informed their managers and asked them to ensure that the three winners attend the event. There was great support from their managers (Emily Singh, Nelson Firmino, Craig Thompson) and also the company Training Director (Omar Ismail) so with the ‘yes I can’ attitude exuding from all management levels, nothing was a problem.

Tracey our Admin Queen at Straight A Training organised the gifts, trophies and certificates with great speed and efficiency and were all ready for the event.

The evening itself, March 20th, was one of my most memorable events. The Mayfair is an absolutely stunning establishment, the pictures on the web and in brochures don’t do it any justice. If you haven’t been there before go and, if you can afford it, stay a night or two!

Charles Oak, the Hotel Manager, and his team at the Mayfair did an outstanding job to ensure that this was a night to remember. Starting with a glass of champagne as soon as we stepped into the foyer of the luxurious Crystal Room, right to the end when we were faced with chocolate fountains, surrounded by fruits and marshmallows – who can say no to that!/

The attendance at the awards ceremony was a who is who of the most important people within Radisson, from the Chairman (Mr Jasminder Singh) to John Dean , Head Concierge at the Radisson Heathrow who started back in 1967 as the luggage porter. Beverley Stewart and Omar Ismail did an outstanding job as the hosts of this much talked about event, which left us all in high anticipation for next year’s Edwards.

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