You may only know me as your Assessor or Account Manager, but I was actually been a learner of Straight A Training  5 years ago.  So let me tell you my story.

When I first came to the UK in July 2005, I planned to stay here for 6 months, gaining some more English language skills before embarking on a university degree in Germany.  Things changed and I decided to stay.

With the first 6 months gone, I moved departments at the hotel I was employed for and became a receptionist. That was when the opportunity arose to embark on an Apprenticeship programme with Straight A Training. With Jayne being my Assessor at the time, I completed a Front Office Apprenticeship at Level 2 within the next 6 months.  By that time I had decided that I wanted to study hotel and hospitality management in even more depth. I was worried that I wouldn’t manage studying in the UK, that my language skills wouldn’t be good enough. I was so wrong!

Looking back, applying to university was the best thing I could have done at the time.  I recall my first day at university as if it was yesterday and remember the worries I had around my time management skills, the support I would need and of course the job I still had to continue.

It all worked out well. I joined Straight A Training as an Assessor in February 2007, 6 months into my studies, and had all the support and understanding anyone could expect throughout the past 4 years of my education.

I have only recently completed my Masters in Hospitality Management by writing a thesis on cultural differences and how these affect leadership.

Before I finish I would like you to remember that:

1) Apprenticeships are a great start to your career and an even better start to further and higher education!

2) The team at Straight A Training has been amazing at supporting me throughout my studies and I am proud to be working with them!

Good Luck with your studies!

P.S. Have a look at the Apprenticeships Straight A offers. They offer a great experience!

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