Do you want to become an apprentice? Try our top five tips to filling in an Apprenticeship vacancy form online to increase your chance of success!

TIP ONE Complete the form in as much detail as possible. The more information that you put onto the form the more likely that your personality will show through and the employer will get to start to know the real you. However, that’s not to say that quality is better than quantity, every sentence you write should illustrate to the employer why you would be an asset to their organisation and your willingness to become an apprentice.

TIP TWO Do not create one generic application and copy and paste this into each vacancy. Each position varies and it is very to easy to tell ŵhen candidates have copy and pasted. Instead, make sure to make each application individual, research the company that you are applying for and make sure include some information about the company in your application to demonstrate your knowledge

TIP THREE Be realistic when deciding which jobs to apply for by checking that  you possess the skills and personal attributes required. Also consider if the location of the workplace is feasible for you to travel to and also the working hours / schedule.

TIP FOUR Complete a thorough spell and grammar check prior to submission. This is imperative as it shows a good level of written communication and attention to detail. Common mistakes are using a lower case when writing the word ‘i’ and spelling organisation with a ‘z’.

TIP FIVE Stand out from the crowd! For some positions we attract up to 150 applications, so make sure that your application sets you apart from everyone else. Provide specific examples of the projects, activities and people with which you’ve been involved. Try to avoid talking too vaguely around them. Think about how your skills and experience relate to the job. Don’t worry if you haven’t got specific broadcast or technical skills, think about how you can demonstrate the same skills in different situations, which might be study or leisure activities.


Now you have mastered the art of completing an application form, its time to start applying and moving onto the first stepping stone of you new career. To see the current apprenticeship opportunities available go to


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