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Hospitality and Catering

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The Hospitality and Catering sector is a fast-moving, vibrant, energetic and exciting place to learn. The industry can be segmented into 4 main sectors: Food and Beverage, Accommodation, Travel and Tourism and Entertainment and Recreation.  Although within these sectors there is significant overlap to provide seamless customer experiences.  It is an extensive and diverse industry with outlets ranging from large national and international hotels to small boutique hotels; high-end restaurants to pubs and nightclubs, coffee shops to cafes; school catering to contract catering; events and entertainment venues, to mention just a few.

Why look for Apprentices now?

Arguably, the Hospitality and Catering Industry was one of the hardest sectors hit due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses and outlets were forced to close temporarily, change their business strategy and become innovative to change the focus of their business in order to strive and ultimately survive. Despite the last few years though we have seen growth within the sector, and now more than ever businesses are continuing to invest in recruiting apprentices and developing the skills of their current teams to ensure the industry is strong and competitive. 

We support the full range of careers within hospitality with the relevant apprenticeships. We currently support apprenticeships in Food and Beverage, Front Office, Housekeeping, Kitchen roles both junior and supervisory, Hospitality Team Members, Leaders and Managers.

Apprentices learn technical skills as well as softer skills, both of which will support their career development.

Apprenticeship Standards
Bartender pouring red wine into a glass on a bar counter Level 2
Hospitality Team Member
  • 12 months
Waiter and waitress working behind the counter in cafe level 3
Hospitality Supervisor
  • 12 months
Manager posing with staff in a modern kitchen level 4
Hospitality Manager
  • 18 months
Baker pouring flour into large mixer in a commercial kitchen level 2
Commis Chef
  • 12 months
Chef holding salmon dishes standing in a row with colleagues level 2
Production Chef
  • 12 months
Chef putting a strawberry in a fruit salad in the kitchen level 3
Chef de Partie
  • 12 months
Three chefs presenting their dessert plates to the head chef in busy kitchen level 3
Senior Production Chef
  • 12 months
Customer service practitioner showing and smiling at a blank tablet screen level 2
Customer Service Practitioner
  • 12 months
Customer looking at a service specialist using a landline phone and computer at reception desk level 3
Customer Service Specialist
  • 12 months
Interior of a modern events venue level 3
Event Assistant
  • 12 months