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Learning and Development (L&D) is about creating a culture of learning and training for everyone. It focuses on the continuous development of employees/individuals and providing the right job-related training to benefit both those employees and the organisation as a whole. 

At a strategic level L&D is about understanding the needs of the organisation in terms of the learning and training requirements of current employees, identifying any gaps and planning for future developments. On a day-to-day level people working in a L&D role are normally responsible for developing and progressing a workforce's capabilities and skills on an individual level. They may be involved in designing learning programmes, delivering training and managing the entire process to meet the diverse needs of the workforce. It is a career that is ideal for those wanting to help individuals grow and develop their skills and therefore is very rewarding. 

Why look for Apprentices now?

L&D roles are always going to be required, in organisations big and small.  The learning and development needs of an organisation's workforce should be closely aligned to the business objectives in order for an organisation to fulfil its true potential. Whilst L&D roles are common within HR and Sales, L&D roles can be found almost anywhere as a trained, motivated workforce is key to any organisation. Key skills in L&D range from problem solving skills to interpersonal skills, motivational skills to organisational skills. 

The 4 different apprenticeship standards Straight A deliver in L&D are diverse at both levels 3 and 4. We have the experience and knowledge to delivery these standards working with the learner and employer in a tripartite relationship to ensure everyone is involved and the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSB's) of the standard are working holistically to improve the learner's role and to complement the organisation's goals.

Apprenticeship Standards
High angle view of tutor showing something on screen to apprentices in the computer room Level 3
Learning and Development Practitioner
  • 12 months
Apprentices outside learning with tutor level 3
Outdoor Activity Instructor
  • 12 months
Multiethnic group of young people sitting in conference room and brainstorming on business meeting Level 5
Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner
  • 18 months