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Elements of marketing exist in almost all businesses and across all sectors. Employees within marketing have a diverse role depending on their job title, the structure of the organisation and the sector the organisation is within.  Most marketing roles exist to promote an organisation's brand, products and services whilst also helping customers to connect and interact with the organisation.

A marketing strategy will align with an organisation's business objectives to produce the desired outcome. The range of marketing campaigns, tactics and communication methods used will be dependent on many factors, such as the sector, the organisation's goals, the size of the marketing team, the budget, the resources and many more.  Whether the organisation is Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) will also dictate the marketing strategy. The marketing team will work in some capacity with all other teams within an organisation as marketing is pivotal to many other roles.

Why look for Apprentices now?

Marketing is an ever changing and evolving sector meaning it is vital to train and recruit the next generation of marketing professionals for not only the growth of the sector but the success of individual organisations.  Marketing apprenticeships are equally relevant to train and improve the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB's) of marketers already within an organisation but also to recruit or move new employees into marketing. There are many key areas within marketing that an apprentice may work within such as marketing strategy, market research, branding, public relations, print marketing, digital marketing (including website management and social media marketing), external and internal communications, and event marketing. This list is not exclusive and within smaller organisations a marketer will be required to work across many areas.

As a marketing apprentice your role may involve creating value through the customer experience; it may help shape how an organisation is conveyed through brand image; or your campaigns maybe integral to retaining customer segments or towards the growth of new ones. Your role as a marketer will always be varied, vital and purposeful.

Apprenticeship Standards
Apprentices with laptops level 3
Multi-Channel Marketer
  • 15 months