Education Apprenticeships


Britain’s education sector remains one of its most lucrative international assets with figures revealing that its exports overseas generate almost £20bn for the UK economy.

From cradle to grave, learning and education remain one of the key needs we desire. Learning gives us the personal ability to grow our talents and skills which motivates and engages us and benefits our social mobility; from school leavers to individuals who want to change their career paths, learn new skills, and undertake new business ventures; we can support all learners with a range of apprenticeships and programmes to suit their needs.

Why look for apprentices now?

Teaching is what we do at Straight A. One of our key objectives is to educate our learners, to progress them within their careers and support their employers to gain skilled, motivated, and talented staff.

We also offer programmes for those learners who themselves want to become involved in teaching and assessing, such as The Training and Assessment Quality Award (TAQA) Level 3, and the Certificate in Education and Training Level 3.

Apprenticeship Standards

We've worked closely with some of the UK's biggest and best hospitallty and catering provders since 1999

Businessman holding lightbulb. Business start-up goals to success, development and ideas motivation
12 month practical learning period
End Point Assessments include:

Some of the Amazing Hospitality brands we have worked with since 1999.

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