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Effective leadership and management consist of having the required level of knowledge combined with the experience to deliver the right skills and lead with the appropriate behaviours. As a leader/manager you are responsible for delivering your organisation’s mission and developing your people to have the right skills and experience to deliver the desired customer service. Your role is vital within the organisation to direct the organisation's resources for improved efficiency, productivity and the achievement of goals. Leadership roles are integral to inspiring the workforce to focus on the organisation's vision and to ensure the organisation's values are upheld. There are many theories and styles within management that can be applied to organisations large, small, public, private or within the charity sector.  All departments of an organisation need effective leaders from HR to Sales, Operations to Marketing.

Why look for Apprentices now?

Leadership and Management apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to develop the capabilities and improve the skills and performance of managers and leaders. They offer an opportunity for both new and existing managers to learn and directly apply their knowledge and skills into the workplace.

Investing in management roles now is the success of an organisation's future. Effective leadership is built on all three of the elements of an apprenticeship - knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB's). Learning, implementing and continuously improving these KSB's benefits both the apprentice and the organisation.

At Straight A we have the experience of delivering both the level 3 Team Leader and level 5 Operations/Departemental Manager apprenticeship within a range of sectors and different types of organisations giving us a comprehensive and accomplished view of these standards.

Apprenticeship Standards
Successful woman at the office leading a business team Level 3
Team Leader
  • 12 months
Young business group working in modern bright office level 5
Operations / Departmental Manager
  • 18 months